National Headlines 9-8-13

Liberal Dem: Obama should withdraw Syria authorization request (The Hill)

Effort to defund ObamaCare tries to regain its momentum (The Hill)

Three questions for Obama on Syria (CNN)

Chemical attacks in Syria. Where’s the proof Assad was responsible? (Christian Science Monitor)

Bloomberg blasts NYC mayoral front-runner de Blasio for ‘racist’ campaign (Washington Times)

Yosemite fire now third largest in California history (Los Angeles Times)

Republican NYC mayor hopefuls in final debate (Associated Press)

VW plant brings auto manufacturing jobs to Tennessee (CBS News)

Catholics Push Immigration Reform, Many are Hispanic (Townhall)

Private jobs growing, while weekly claims falling (CNBC)

Why Obama might tap Summers for Fed despite harsh criticism from left (Washington Post)

Payrolls in U.S. Rise Less Than Forecast; Jobless 7.3% (Bloomberg)