National Headlines 12-21-14

Why single payer died in Vermont (Politico)

Democratic techies’ divided loyalties (Politico)

McCain: Sony hack ‘a new form of warfare’ (The Hill)

Obama: Sony hacking not an act of war (The Hill)

Obama’s ‘propaganda’ pushed people to ‘hate the police,’ Giuliani says (The Hill)

Will Jeb stumble in Iowa? (The Hill)

NYC mourns officers as rift widens between union, mayor (USA Today)

2 NYPD police officers ‘assassinated’; shooter dead (CNN)

Why Marco Rubio Loves the Cuba Debate Even Though He Hates the Policy (Bloomberg)

Poll: Hillary Clinton Crushing Democratic Rivals Just a Little Bit Less (Bloomberg)

New report rips Secret Service. ‘Starved for leadership’? (Christian Science Monitor)