National Headlines 12-28-14

The GOP’s 2016 slate may be its most diverse ever (Politico)

Giuliani criticizes Obama’s ‘poster boy for hating the police,’ Al Sharpton (The Hill)

Graham: GOP must tackle immigration to win White House (The Hill)

10 senators who could lose reelection in 2016 (The Hill)

Bratton rebukes his N.Y. police officers for turning backs on mayor (Los Angeles Times)

Tensions with New York City police go beyond racial issues: commissioner (Reuters)

GOP puts up a bigger tent for minority challenge (Associated Press)

Christie: Port Authority legislation ‘too narrow,’ recommendations of panel better (

California Growers Fear Pres. Obama’s Executive Action On Immigration Will Intensify Farm Labor Shortage (CBS)

Electronic eavesdropping: NSA reports on its privacy violations (Christian Science Monitor)

5 highlights on Jeb Bush as he considers 2016 presidential election (CNN)