National Headlines 12-29-14

Regrets on Obamacare? Sebelius has very few (Politico)

De Blasio booed at NYPD graduation (The Hill)

US launches airstrike in Somalia (The Hill)

The Growing Republican Divide on Criminal Justice Reform (TIME)

Louisiana Republicans stand behind Scalise (The Hill)

Jeb Bush Stepping Down From Timber Company Board (CBS News)

Army couple forced to move wedding for Obama golf game (USA Today)

George H.W. Bush’s Breathing Now ‘Normal,’ but He Remains in Hospital (NBC News)

Obama warns GOP he plans to use veto pen in 2015 (AP)

Oil Firms Pull Back on Rigs as Prices Fall (Wall Street Journal)

ObamaCare fines rising in 2015, IRS prepares to collect (FOX News)