Poll: Utah Residents Favor Tax Breaks for Companies that Convert Truck Fleets to Natural Gas

A large majority of Utahns say they want the state to provide tax incentives for companies to convert their truck fleets from diesel fuel to natural gas.

The UtahPolicy.com survey finds nearly 3/4 of Utah residents (71%) say they would favor a program providing a tax break to companies that either convert their existing truck fleet to natural gas or buy new natural gas fueled trucks.

Air quality will be a hot topic during the 2015 session, but ideas like this one and another to convert school buses to natural gas seemingly have wide support.

That support exists along all ideological lines. 68% of Republicans, 86% of Democrats and 75% of independent voters would favor such a program.


The survey was conducted December 2-10, 2014 by Dan Jones and Associates among 609 registered Utah voters. The margin of error is +/- 3.97%.