National Headlines 1-14-15

Grueling Keystone fight to hit new Senate (The Hill)

Boehner defector: Don’t belittle others (The Hill)

House passes bill to defund Obama’s immigration orders (The Hill)

Elizabeth Warren endorses, raises money for Kamala Harris (Politico)

John Podesta joins Clinton campaign: What that means for Hillary 2016 (Christian Science Monitor)

Only 20% of Republican Women Call It Important to See a Female President in Their Lifetime (TIME)

White House Backs Cities That Want to Build Their Own Super-Speed Internet (Wired)

Mitt Romney vs. Jeb Bush vs. Chris Christie (The Week)

Teamsters’ 25 Years of Federal Oversight to End (Wall Street Journal)

Taxpayers Likely to Face Worst Service From IRS Since 2001, Report Says (Wall Street Journal)

Head of Philadelphia Fed Urges Return to ‘Normal’ Monetary Policy (CBS News)