Chaffetz: Romney’s Been ‘Vindicated’

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says buyers’ remorse for Pres. Obama may convince the electorate to give Mitt Romney another look in 2016.

Reports Politico:

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, one of Mitt Romney’s top congressional surrogates, says the twice-failed presidential candidate has been “vindicated.”

“I think on domestic politics and foreign policy, I think most people understand Mitt Romney was right,” the House oversight chairman said here Thursday at the GOP retreat. “I think there’s a lot of buyers’ remorse for President Obama. What President Obama said and what he’s done are two different things. And I think they’re willing and wanting to give [Romney] a chance.”

Chaffetz has been in touch with Romney in recent days as the former Massachusetts governor has been mulling another campaign. Chaffetz dismissed the other potential presidential candidates as not having a good chance to win the White House.