Minneapolis Looks for an Economic Boost from Same-Sex Marriage

Here’s more proof that allowing same-sex marriage can be an economic boost. Minneapolis is launching a campaign to lure same-sex couples from Chicago.

NBC Chicago reports Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak personally went to Chicago to encourage same-sex couples in the Windy City to get married up north.

Rybak, a vocal proponent of same-sex marriage in Minesota, discussed the campaign Thursday morning at a news conference at Boystown’s Center on Halsted.

“Chicago is my kind of town, but it’s a second city with human rights, and right now that gives an incredible competitive advantage to Minneapolis,” Rybak said. “I hope the day comes very soon that all Illinoisans can marry the person that they love, and I strongly encourage the Legislature and Governor Quinn to pass marriage equality as soon as possible — but until that day comes, I’m here to steal your business.”