National Headlines 1-26-15

Inside Hillary Clinton’s 2016 plan (Politico)

The do-something Congress? Ranking the most likely legislation (The Hill)

Obama sends signal to Saudis (The Hill)

‘Historic’ Northeast blizzard brings House to a halt (The Hill)

Former CIA officer convicted of leaking secrets to NYT reporter (Christian Science Monitor)

Harry Reid released from hospital following eye surgery (CBS News)

Chris Christie launches PAC, further fueling 2016 speculation (New York Daily News)

Kochs to Play Big in 2016—$1 Billion Big (Bloomberg)

U.S. Seen Limiting Oil Drilling in Arctic, May Open Atlantic (Bloomberg)

Obama in India: US president announces $4 billion of new initiatives, trade missions to help boost infrastructure (Economic Times)

Fed Seen Raising Rates Midyear Even With Low Inflation: Economy (Bloomberg)