Chaffetz: NFL Should Pay Taxes

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he may call NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before the House Oversight Committee to justify the league’s non-profit status.

Reports CNN:

In an interview the morning after Super Bowl XLIX, Chaffetz asked, “Was that a nonprofit event going on or was that a for-profit venture? It’s a for-profit venture. You tell people that the NFL is a nonprofit entity and they just start laughing and giggling. But it’s not fair. If there’s another side to that, then let the commissioner come in and make that case.”

Chaffetz said he thinks the league, which paid Goodell $44 million in 2012, should have to pay taxes — a bill that adds up to more than $100 million over a decade.

“Back decades ago before there was really a thriving sports league out there they got this carve out. But it seems to me that ought to be one of the things we get rid of,” he said. “The President has said he wants to get rid of these special carve outs. Well, here’s one that I think we should get rid of.”