Local Headlines 2-3-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: City should push developers to create affordable housing

Utah lawmakers to decide: Who is the neediest of the needy?

Senator seeking changes in no-knock warrants

Eagle Mountain officials criticize prison consultants’ work

Two Yalecrest petitions for historic districts pulled back on eve of vote

Utah liquor stores can’t keep workers; lawmakers mull $500,000 cut to DABC

Lawmakers reject tax increase to fund schools

Dabakis asks for court-ordered end to public-lands fight

Wood-burning ban coming off the table

Deseret News

Stuart Reid: Support deserved for promoting religious, non-discrimination rights

Editorial: Don’t avoid religious aspects in media coverage — rather, report with sensitivity and thoroughness

Lawmakers, governor still far apart on Medicaid expansion

Juror: Unanswered questions, inconsistent stories led to Marc Jenson’s acquittal

Legislative committee rejects tax hike for education

Will Jenson acquittal hurt Shurtleff, Swallow defense in criminal cases?

Senate committee seeks further debate on modifying forcible entry laws


Obama grants Utah County rapid bus plan $71 million in proposed 2016 budget (Daily Herald)

Fund education with a tax increase? Not for these Utah lawmakers (Daily Herald)

Steve Handy: Clean air is about time (and money) (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Romney made right decision (Standard-Examiner)

UTOPIA wonders what to do with $10M windfall (Standard-Examiner)

Districts face pressure to raise graduation rates (Standard-Examiner)

Slight increase seen in area high school graduation rates (Standard-Examiner)

Rep. Jack Draxler’s education funding bill dies in committee (Logan Herald Journal)