National Headlines 2-3-15

Islamic State video purports to show captured pilot being burned to death (Washington Post)

Hillary plays the grandma card (Politico)

Rand Paul does damage control on vaccines while getting a booster shot (The Hill)

Pot Politics: 2016 GOP hopefuls on their past marijuana use (The Hill)

The Legacy of Debt: Interest Costs Poised to Surpass Defense and Nondefense Discretionary Spending (Wall Street Journal)

White House: Deficit Will Increase 20% This Year (Despite Record Tax Revenue) (CNSNews)

Boehner Calls Out Cruz, Sessions on Immigration (National Journal)

Jeb Bush: GOP frontrunner or Jon Huntsman 2.0? (NBC News)

Sen. Jeff Sessions blasts Dems after immigration bill passed by House stalls in Senate (

NSA critics underwhelmed by Obama’s tweaks (The Hill)

EPA: Cheap oil raises Keystone’s climate impact (Politico)