Local Headlines 2-4-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Police raids need to be reined in

Massive Utah cyberattacks — up to 300 million per day — may be aimed at NSA facility

Car sales tax could move from dealer’s city to buyer’s

City annexation bill would allow ‘islands’

Rolly: Reyes discusses sex trafficking, makes amends with Rotarians

Lawmakers: Utah should be first, feds second in oath

Bill attacking Utahns’ smoky cars fails to advance

State of Salt Lake County: Mayor McAdams pledges this ‘legacy for future generations’

Utah lawmaker questions whether sex with an unconscious person is rape ‘in every instance’

Deseret News

James Hansen: Congressional candidates should live in the district they represent

Utah oil producer to clean up wetlands, pay EPA fine

Technology bill for English teachers gets thumbs up from House

Legislative proposals seek changes to ‘loved to death’ Goblin Valley, Little Sahara parks

The New Yorker has declared Utah to be the next Silicon Valley

Effort to crack down on ‘smoking’ vehicles chokes in committee hearing

Mayor Ben McAdams ‘bullish’ on Salt Lake County’s future

Utah lawmaker proposes raising legal smoking age to 21

Bid to make school boards partisan clears first legislative hurdle

Legislative committee approves bill to fund computer coding classes in Utah schools

Lawmakers recommend more education money to get smaller classes

Proposed seasonal wood-burning ban faces likely revision

Mountain Accord unveils grand plan for central Wasatch Front


Pamela Openshaw: Anti-discrimination legislation wants to fool mother nature (Daily Herald)

Why Bus Rapid Transit will likely move forward despite the opposition (Daily Herald)

Provo mayor calls for unity, compassion for all residents (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Why we need student-centered education (Standard-Examiner)

Brad Wilson: Legislative work being done on air quality (Standard-Examiner)

Bill defining consent for sex clears House committee (Standard-Examiner)

USTAR officials make case for continued funding before legislative subcommittee (Logan Herald Journal)

BRAG releases statement describing positions on legislative issues (Logan Herald Journal)

Increase in sales tax to fund transit? (Park Record)