Legislation Would Make it Easier to Test Alleged Sexual Attackers for HIV

A proposed change to state law would make it easier for victims of sexual assaults to have their attackers tested for HIV.

Sen. Ann Millner (R-Ogden) says right now a victim has to show probable cause and get a court order to ask that attackers be tested. SB 113 gives victims the ability to ask for HIV testing if their attacker has been involved in activitiy that may result in an HIV infection.

"We're just moving up the process," says Millner. "If you were to get involved in a lengthy court battle it could take a very long time for a victim that may have been exposed to HIV to get testing done. This just makes the process easier."

The bill makes one small change to existing law. Previously a judge had to find probable cause that a victim had been exposed to HIV. Now the judge merely needs to have a belief that the victim was exposed to "conduct or activities that may result" in an HIV infection.