National Headlines 9-12-13

Top Dem: Colorado losses due to ‘voter suppression, pure and simple’ (The Hill)

Weiner ends his New York City mayoral campaign by flipping off reporter (The Hill)

Lawmakers dread Syria inspections (The Hill)

Government shutdown inches closer as House vote delayed (The Hill)

Analyzing the Factors Behind Quinn’s Collapse in Race for Mayor (Wall Street Journal)

Chicago bans guns in places that serve booze (USA Today)

Pastor Terry Jones arrested with thousands of kerosene-soaked Qurans, deputies say (Orlando Sentinel)

US marks 9/11 attacks anniversary (BBC News)

House Republican leaders delay vote on new budget bill until next week (Washington Post)

Colorado recalls wound Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control push (New York Daily News)

NSA repeatedly ignored court surveillance rules, documents show (Christian Science Monitor)

House Ethics Panel Continues Inquiries of 3 Lawmakers (New York Times)