National Headlines 2-8-15

GOP’s 2016 war primary (Politico)

Jordanian foreign minister: ISIS ‘on the run’ (The Hill)

Kerry: No Iran nuclear talks extension (The Hill)

Police, race emerge as signature focus for AG nominee (The Hill)

Do recent Guantanamo releases put US at risk? GOP senators question policy (Christian Science Monitor)

Sen. Ted Cruz Would Deploy U.S. Troops Against ISIS ‘If Need Be’ (ABC News)

Sen. Chuck Schumer urges CDC to offer free measles vaccine (New York Daily News)

Homeland Security Chief Says 30,000 Will Be Furloughed If Department Shuts Down (Huffington Post)

Jeb Bush Leads Potential Rivals In New Hampshire Poll (Huffington Post)

Paul on vaccines, thin line between medicine and politics (Associated Press)

Evangelist Franklin Graham rejects Obama’s comparison between ISIS, crusaders (Jerusalem Post)