National Headlines 2-10-15

Hillary Clinton fundraising off to slow start (Politico)

White House won’t ‘quibble’ with claim that Obama concealed gay marriage views (Politico)

Ethan Czahor, Jeb Bush’s New CTO, is Guilty of Being a Young Conservative (Bloomberg)

Jeb Bush releases eight years’ worth of emails: Is that legal? (Christian Science Monitor)

Henry Kissinger Chooses Jeb Bush: Sources (Observer)

American hostage Mueller’s family, U.S. government say she is dead (Reuters)

Walker opens Iowa campaign office (Wheeler News Service)

Senate panel approves Obama’s choice for Pentagon chief (Associated Press)

White House Says Shooting at Kosher Market in Paris Was ‘Random’ (ABC News)

Judge: No bond for Illinois woman accused in terrorism case (Associated Press)

Congressional Impasse Over Immigration, Homeland Security (Associated Press)