Business Report in the Legislature

As Utah’s Statewide Chamber and the “Voice of Business”, the Salt Lake Chamber is a leader in critical issues that impact Utah’s businesses and community. 

This is the monthly summary of the Chamber’s efforts to grow our economy, promote community prosperity and champion business in Utah. We encourage new forms of involvement within the Chamber in the month of January and moving forward.

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Public Policy: Public Policy Guide and the Start of the Legislative Session.

On January 22 Utah’s business community called on the state legislature to seize the opportunity to make investing in Utah’s future economic success a priority. This call to action is outlined in the Salt Lake Chamber‘s updated 2015 Public Policy Guide that was released to the public at a gathering of the Salt Lake Chamber’s Executive Committee and other key business and community leaders at the Utah State Capitol. The guide discusses critical issues facing Utah’s economy and business community, specifically highlighting the importance of a landmark ongoing investment in education and continued investment in transportation. To keep up to date with the Chamber’s positions and priorities during the legislative session visit

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Michael Merrill at (801) 328-5068 or[email protected].

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Education: Prosperity 2020 – Making Education a Top Priority in the 2015 Legislative Session

“Prosperity through Education,” a five-year plan to improve education outcomes, provides strategies that can be implemented through legislation and funding during the upcoming session. Business leaders are invited to attend a lunch meeting on February 4 at the capitol to get an update from legislative leaders on key pieces of legislation related to education. Contact your own legislators to ask them to support the plan to make education in Utah top-10 in the nation and stay up to date on education legislation this session Learn more about the report and take action in support of education in Utah, by

If you’d like to join Prosperity 2020 on February 4 or if you have other questions or comments, contact Jana Scott at [email protected], or Justin Jones at (801) 558-9371 or [email protected].

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Infrastructure and Transportation: Utah Transportation Coalition

The Legislative session is well under way and so is our push to secure a comprehensive transportation bill. The Utah Transportation Coalition is an established, long-term organization advocating specifically for transportation infrastructure investment. The Coalition provides the voice for responsible transportation investment to keep Utah’s economy moving.

The Coalition is a strong voice for continued investment in Utah’s transportation system and is an advocate for community-led objectives and key projects. We will effectively promote transportation infrastructure and specific initiatives and projects.

To learn about transportation funding head to and ask your legislator to support comprehensive transportation funding action.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Michael Merrill at (801) 328-5068 or[email protected].

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Natural Resources and Environment: Natural Resources Business Council

The Governor’s Office of Energy Development announced the launch of their new website ( focusing on aiding current electric vehicle owners by providing up-to-date information on the increasingly popular technology, as well as educating Utahns about the many benefits of owning an electric vehicle. The website also serves as a resource for electric vehicle owners to locate charging stations around the state.

The next Natural Resource Business Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 11.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Michael Merrill at (801) 328-5068 or[email protected].

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Natural Resources and Environment: Clean Air Task Force

We all have a role in keeping our air clean but mobile emissions, specifically from idling, are a significant contributor to Utah’s air quality challenges. Every commute and community is different. We need your support to ensure that Utahns, through increased transportation funding, have new and improved options to improve our transit systems, maintain active transportation networks and reduce idling on Utah’s roadways to clean our air.

The Next Clean Air Task Force meeting will be held Tuesday, February  3.

Learn about how you can help at

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Ryan Evans at (801) 328-5063 or[email protected].

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Natural Resources and Environment: Energy and Minerals Task Force

This past month Representative Stephen Handy addressed the Task Force on his upcoming bills H.B. 15 Clean Fuel Amendments and Rebates, H.B. 31 Natural Gas Amendments, and H.B. 49 Clean Fuel School Buses and Infrastructure. For more information about the bills and the Chamber’s position

Also, the Governor’s Office of Energy Development discussed the efforts to expand K-12 energy curriculum in the classroom past 4th grade by collaborating with Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (DOGMA). The new educational program will launch next school year. The next Energy and minerals task force meeting will beWednesday, February 11th.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Michael Merrill at (801) 328-5068 or[email protected].

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Natural Resources and Environment: Water

The Water Task Force will plan the second Utah| Water is Your Business following the August effort to bring focus to the water issues facing Utah. More updates to come pertaining to this event.

The task force will continue to focus on engaging an audience to value the issue of water. There was great discussion on the balance between future policy/regulatory choices and voluntary/behavioral changes. The task force plans to have folks from the Chamber’s effort on Clean Air discuss their public education and engagement efforts at the next meeting. The next Water Task Force meeting will be Thursday, March 19.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Michael Merrill at (801) 328-5068 or[email protected].

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Outdoor Recreation & Tourism

The Chamber remains actively engaged in key issues related to outdoor recreation and tourism including the Mountain Accord process. We are also an active supporter of the Utah Office of Outdoor recreation, which just announced the dates for the 2015 Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit on Tuesday, March 3, 2015. You can register for the 2015 Summit here:

This Summit is an inspiring and insightful statewide initiative planned in conjunction with the outdoor industry, counties, communities, user groups, and state and federal land management agencies. The 2014 Outdoor Recreation Summit was a tremendous success with more than 400 outdoor industry, county and city leaders and user groups gathered, with state and federal land management agencies, to actively discuss issues surrounding Utah’s outdoor recreation.

Please contact Tara McKee at the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation at (801) 538-8686or[email protected].

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Downtown Alliance: Downtown Still Rising

Salt Lake City’s Downtown Master Plan team has released a draft of revised draft downtown plan.  This plan is comprised of ideas and initiatives that will impact the entire downtown and others that are specific to individual districts

On February 25th, the city invites you to join at the Planning Commission meeting to voice your support for the revised plan. The revised draft will soon be posted on Open City Hall for you to submit comments or you can email us directly:

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Jesse Dean at (801) 328-5045 or[email protected].

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Health System Reform

Cody Stewart, Governor’s Office policy advisor and Dave Gessel, Vice President of Utah Hospital Association, hosted a discussion about the Governor’s Healthy Utah plan. The Governor’s number one priority is engaging with the legislature to commit to adopting Healthy Utah. The Governor’s Office endorses personal communication among your legislators to help push the importance of the Healthy Utah plan forward. You can voice your support for the plan here. The next Health System Reform Task Force meeting will be held Thursday, February 26.

If you have any other questions or comments, please reach out to Justin Jones at (801) 558-9371 or[email protected].