Local Headlines 2-13-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Utah liquor laws reduce alcohol abuse

Editorial: Utah school funding, minimal vs. barely acceptable

Small-county residents may see jury duty more often

State Street project behind schedule but developer says it will be completed

Salary for Utah governor may see 36 percent bump

Legislature moves to narrow Indian achievement gap

Utah lawmakers sour on SAGE test

Senate passes bill to expand free fishing for youth

Jail could await people who try to move endangered species

Payday loan restriction bill defeated

BLM pulls back most leases proposed for culturally sensitive Alkali Ridge in southeastern Utah

Utah governor: I would not marry a gay couple

Utah, feds face threat of lawsuit for alleged mistreatment of Shurtleff ‘fixer’

Fairgrounds Real Salt Lake soccer stadium deal on shaky ground in Capitol

Rolly: New Utah House speaker wins staredown as freshman blinks on rape bill

10-cent gasoline tax speeds through committee

HB322 could elevate freedom of religion above other constitutional rights

Deseret News

Editorial: What will performance funding for higher education look like?

Study: Snake Valley groundwater development unsustainable

Utah teens lobby lawmakers for tighter e-cigarette regulations

Religious leaders visit Capitol in support of anti-discrimination bill

Lawmakers call for better school counselor training

License plate would honor children with cancer, fund research

Coalition lobbying lawmakers to help fund supportive housing for homeless

10-cent gas tax hike passes Senate committee

House GOP supports pay raise for governor, state elected executives

Balancing religious rights, nondiscrimination a tall order for Utah lawmakers


Brad Dee: Utah’s prison population growing (Standard-Examiner)

Hill seeks another $38 million for F-35 construction (Standard-Examiner)

Lawmaker proposes raising tipped wages from $2.13 to $7.25 (Standard-Examiner)

‘Leadership failure’: Rehab agency’s stunning $6.3M deficit (Standard-Examiner)

Governor’s Healthy Utah plan advances in Legislature (Logan Herald Journal)

Legislature may require small towns to post meeting agendas online (Logan Herald Journal)