GOP Sends Letter to Utah Senators Supporting Delay in Count My Vote Compromise

Utah GOP Chairman James Evans sent a letter to Republican Senators urging them to pass SB 43 which delays the Count My Vote compromise until 2018.

The letter, embedded below, stresses that the bill does not undo the compromise, just delays it.

"The Party understands the legislature was acting in good faith when it passed SB54 in March of 2014. Rest assured we are working toward bringing our governing documents into compliance with the law. Yet, with over two dozen changes that need to be made to our constitution and bylaws, and 29 county parties subsequently impacted, there is a real possibility the Party will be unable to make all of the necessary changes before the September 2015 deadline."

SB 43, sponsored by Sen. Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, is similar to HB 281 which was defeated in a House committee on Tuesday.

SB 43 is expected to come up for a floor vote on Thursday.


UTGOP Letter to Utah Senate by UtahPolicy