Press Release: Count My Vote Names Norma Matheson and Mike Leavitt as Chairs

Count My Vote announced today that former Utah First Lady Norma Matheson and former Governor Michael O. Leavitt will join Gail Miller as Co-Chairs. Rich McKeown will continue to serve as Executive Chair of the Count My Vote Committee. Together, these trusted, bipartisan leaders will guide the effort to modernize Utah’s election system.

Utah’s election system stands out as the most restrictive in the nation. Our state’s historically high voter participation has declined consistently in recent decades. Count My Vote seeks to increase voter participation and broaden engagement in Utah elections through a citizens’ initiative petition.

“I remember when Utah was top in the nation for voter turnout and I’m saddened to see we’ve dropped to the bottom,” said former Utah First Lady Norma Matheson. “I support Count My Vote because it opens up the process for greater participation on the part of citizens. It is imperative that we increase voter participation and that every vote is counted.”

Native Utahn and former Governor, Mike Leavitt, believes that Count My Vote is among the most important state issues of the next decade. “Count My Votde is the most fundamentally important civic issue facing our state today,” he stated. “Utah’s current system is restrictive and exclusionary. We need to give all Utah voters a voice in selecting their candidates.”