Poll: Utahns Oppose November Through March Wood Burning Ban

Utahns think the state should crack down on industrial polluters and vehicle emissions in an attempt to clean up the state's air.

A new UtahPolicy.com survey asked respondents to pick up to two areas where the state should focus efforts to reduce pollution. 73% said industrial polluters while 62% said vehicle emissions should be a priority.
No other option rated higher than 50% in the poll.
The Utah Air Quality Board has proposed a ban on wood burning from November to March as a way to reduce pollution. 54% of Utahns say they would oppose such a ban while 43% would support it.

62% of Republicans in our survey say they would oppose a wood burning ban during winter months, as would 53% of independent voters. 77% of Democrats say they would support a ban on wood burning during that time of year.

The proposed ban has generated much opposition and lawmakers are looking at ways to slow down or stop it from going into effect.
Our survey was conducted by Dan Jones and Associates from February 2-9, 2015. The sample included 606 registered voters and it has a margin of error of +/- 3.98%.