National Headlines 2-25-15

Senate edges away from a shutdown over DHS funding (The Hill)

Homeland funding fight shows GOP leaders’ diverging interests (The Hill)

For Asian Americans, a changing landscape on college admissions (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State threat is ‘real,’ NYPD’s top cop says after 3 Brooklyn men charged in plot (Newsday)

CPAC a vice presidential stage for some seeking Republican ticket (Washington Times)

Scott Walker Is Set to Deliver New Blow to Labor in Wisconsin (New York Times)

With marijuana legalization, green rush is on in D.C. (Washington Post)

Jonathan Gruber Ousted From Massachusetts Health Panel (Huffington Post)

Christie on 2016: ‘I can walk and chew gum at the same time’ (MSNBC)

Garcia says ‘working class’ to power bid for Chicago mayor (Associated Press)

FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Expected to Unleash Court Challenges (Wall Street Journal)