Local Headlines 3-3-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Utahns lead the way in criminal justice reform

County’s township bill aims to solve boundary issues once and for all

Conflict of interest? Utah lawmakers must vote anyway

Count my Vote cries foul on primary ballot bill that advances to full House

Senate OKs bill banning makers from setting contact lens prices in Utah

Bill would allow dispatchers to retire after 20 years instead of 30

Medicaid expansion compromise would unite Healthy Utah with GOP proposal

Bill: ATVs could go 65 mph on major Utah highways

Analysis: Corradini left her mark on Salt Lake City; scandals left marks on her

Senator begins his pitch for cannabis in Utah; poll shows support

Senate passes bill making cockfighting a felony

Bill setting limits on student data collection moves forward

Vineyard: Utah’s small town with a BIG FUTURE

‘Right to try’ bill on way to Gov. Herbert

Hearing for Shurtleff’s purported ‘fixer’ continued to August

Bill advances to prevent non-partisan county elections

Two Utah bills targeting child abusers advance

Salt Lake City’s trailblazing mayor dies, but Corradini’s Olympic, transit and development legacy lives on

Clean-air groups band together to denounce lawmakers’ ‘lame excuses’

‘I think we’re going to make history together’: LGBT groups, LDS Church close to final religious liberty/nondiscrimination bill

Rally at Capitol blasts Utah’s ‘land-grab casino’

Deseret News

Op-ed: Medicaid expansion via Healthy Utah: It’s hardly risky business for Utahns

Editorial: Talking of tax reform and income inequality is a good first step

More college and career training needed for school counselors, lawmakers say

Lawmakers support move of Utah Air National Guard to Hill Air Force Base

Utah Senate passes bill increasing penalty for cockfighting

Utah lawmakers say they’re close on nondiscrimination, religious rights bill

House panel OKs bill altering Count My Vote compromise

Bill would create STEM education partnership in southern Utah

Bill to simplify prosecution of child trafficking passes Senate committee

Medical marijuana debate to be continued, while new poll shows strong support

Utah Senate panel approves bill restricting young people from smoke shops

Bill would place limits on splitting school districts

Firing squad bill passes Senate panel, prompts proposal to reconsider death penalty

Critics raise questions over Uintah water plan

House approves bill to keep sexual offenders out of classroom

Committee endorses bill on air quality rules

Bill eliminating statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases passes House

Utahns react to death of former Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini

House leaders counter Healthy Utah, question need for ‘ceremonial’ hearing on Guv’s plan


Steve Handy: Now natural gas trucks can help clean up Utah’s air (Standard-Examiner)

Primary candidate selection bill clears committee (Standard-Examiner)

Kaysville lawmaker drops proposal to hand off prison location choice (Standard-Examiner)

Utah National Guard move to Hill Air Force Base gains support (Standard-Examiner)