Local Headlines 3-4-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Hughes’ closed legislating is odd public morality

Op-ed: A good, productive workplace supports breastfeeding

More adults may be required to take driver’s ed in Utah

Lawmakers push back against proposed ban on burning in Utah; critics say they’re rolling back clean-air protections

New study verifies big shortfall in Utah transportation funding

Healthy Utah to be heard Wednesday along with new Medicaid proposal

Utah’s Hatch earns prime seat for Netanyahu speech to Congress

Downtown’s notorious blue parking kiosks get big overhaul

Rolly: I’m Salt Lake City’s new parking adviser — let’s hope the new kiosks work better

Compromise may bring 5-cent gas tax increase, with more coming later

House eases restrictions on police aerial drones

Criminal-justice reform gains Utah House approval

Cable license delayed to assure equity of terms

Bill advances to decrease penalty for carrying weapons on transit

House, Senate take opposite stands on school board elections

Medical marijuana bill advances to final vote in Senate

Utah guv says he would veto concealed-gun bill

House endorses 36% pay hike for governor

Utah House again defeats donation limits

Judge: Jeremy Johnson’s September trial date ‘set in stone’

Deseret News

Op-ed: Common Core tests erode parental rights

Op-ed: Priorities in politics need to change

Op-ed: Breastfeeding bill good for children and working women

Richard Davis: Let the voters decide the party primaries — don’t pass HB313

Jay Evensen: Though complicated, Corradini was an effective leader

Editorial: Deedee Corradini — a past leader whose efforts in the present carried well into the future

Lawmakers pass ‘Start By Believing Day’ resolution for rape victims

House passes bill allowing police to use drones without a warrant

Senate passes bill changing police forcible entry laws

House defeats attempt to limit campaign contributions

Pipeline critics fear legislative ‘tax increase’ for project

Anti-discrimination, religious rights bill now expected Wednesday

Utah House passes bill to revamp criminal justice system

State lawmakers trying to hammer out deal raising Utah’s gas tax

S.L. County fears criminal justice reforms could become unfunded mandate without Medicaid fix

Bill would create task force to evaluate student testing

Wood-burning bill advances in legislative committee

3 State School Board bills advance, 1 fails as partisan debate continues

Bill clarifying parental rights in education gets preliminary Senate approval

Report outlines Utah transportation investment needs

House approves pay raises for governor, other elected executives

Utah Senate narrowly endorses medical marijuana bill

House will hear Healthy Utah alongside own plan for Medicaid expansion


Editorial: Black Diamond brings back job (Standard-Examiner)

Bill would change governance of state veterans homes (Standard-Examiner)

Report identifies $54.7 billion worth of priority transportation needs (Standard-Examiner)

Weber County lawmaker’s wood-burning bill clears committee Tuesday (Standard-Examiner)