Romney Hammers Utah GOP Plans for Presidential Caucus in 2016

Mitt Romney is blasting the Utah Republican Party's plan to hold a presidential caucus instead of a primary in 2016.

In a letter sent to Gov. Gary Herbert, Senate President Wayne Niederhauser and House Speaker Greg Hughes, Romney says the plan to forego a primary is "indicative of an unfortunate pattern where party leadership seems to reject wide participation in favor of small groups of people making decision for the rest of us."
Romney says because of his experience participating in the presidential election process "it is clear to me that the more citizens involved, the better the result."
Utah GOP Chairman James Evans wants to hold a presidential caucus in 2016 in the hopes it would bring more participation by Utahns to the caucus/convention system. The Utah GOP's Executive Committee voted unanimously to support the idea of a caucus instead of a primary last month.
HB329, sponsored by Rep. Jon Cox, R-Ephraim, provides funding for a presidential primary in March. Romney's letter urges the passage of the bill. Cox says he welcomes the support from Romney.
"We have a competitive 2016 election on both the Republican and Democratic sides," said Cox. "I believe Utah voters deserve a chance to have their voices heard in that election."

Romney GOP Primary Letter