National Headlines 3-5-15

The Outsider: Elizabeth Warren wants to be the most powerful Democrat in America—without running for president (Politico)

Moderates press Pelosi on Democratic agenda (Politico)

Texas AG accuses feds of misleading on immigrant work permits (The Hill)

Democrats do damage control (The Hill)

Justice Scalia boosts Republican hopes in ObamaCare challenge (The Hill)

Hillary Clinton Was in Violation of State Dept. Policy for Nearly 6 Years (ABC News)

Hillary Clinton Email: Local Democratic Leaders Stirred, Not Shaken (ABC News)

Hillary’s Email Escapade (Wall Street Journal)

2016′s grotesque beginning: How Jeb & Hillary are quietly competing to win Wall Street’s heart (Salon)

Jobless claims jump unexpectedly to 10-month high (Christian Science Monitor)

De Blasio urges businesses to raise wage minimum to $13 an hour (Newsday)