National Headlines 3-9-15

Feds interviewed Harry Reid for Robert Menendez probe (Politico)

Clinton likely to address email scandal (The Hill)

Iran dismisses GOP letter as ‘propaganda ploy’ (The Hill)

Left turns on Hillary (The Hill)

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin Signs Bill Curbing Union Fees (New York Times)

Obama announces initiative to boost high-tech training, hiring (McClatchy)

Clinton Avoids Email Controversy at Women’s Event (ABC News)

Supreme Court revives Notre Dame’s challenge to contraceptive policy (Los Angeles Times)

Menendez case would test Justice Dept. anti-corruption unit (Associated Press)

In Senator Graham’s e-mail boycott, refusal to bow to ‘every 15-second crisis’ (Christian Science Monitor)

Videos at Trial Capture Carnage and Perpetrators of Boston Marathon Bombing (New York Times)