Business Thanks Legislators for Investing In Utah’s Future

Today Utah’s business leaders expressed sincere appreciation for the work of the State Legislature. 

These forward-thinking policymakers demonstrated strong leadership by tackling a myriad of difficult issues, including education, transportation and water. This year’s decisions will ensure that Utah remains competitive in the nation’s economy by strategically investing in a talented workforce and in excellent infrastructure.

“We could not be more pleased with the work of the 2015 Legislature,” said Terry Buckner, Chair of the Board of Governors of Salt Lake Chamber. “Some of the most difficult decisions in decades were tackled this session. The Legislature showed that leadership is navigating change and creating a better tomorrow.”

During the past year the business community, education stakeholders and the Legislature unified behind a long-term plan for education funding known as, “Prosperity Through Education.”

“The business community is deeply encouraged by the Legislature’s historic investment in education,” said Alan Hall, Chair of Prosperity 2020. “This year’s investment shows a strong commitment to Utah’s students and our future.”

Additionally, the Chamber commends the Legislature for investing in Utah's transportation infrastructure. This includes an option for voters to invest in local transportation infrastructure, including transit and active transportation to improve our air quality.

“The leadership demonstrated in this this session will keep Utah moving,” said Dave Golden, Chair of the Utah Transportation Coalition. “Stakeholders from across the state, firmly unified under the banner of Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan, support the Legislature’s courage in tackling Utah’s outdated gas tax and giving locals the tools they need to meet the demands of their growing community.”

The Legislature also initiated a needed effort to more adequately fund Utah’s deteriorating water infrastructure. This is part of a larger effort by Governor Herbert, stakeholders, and the business community, to develop a comprehensive statewide water strategy. This plan will identify long-term water needs and promote conservation while protecting our current water resources with disciplined investments.

Among, the most challenging items that still face our state is providing healthcare to low income Utahns. “We thank Governor Herbert, Senator Shiozawa, Representative Dunnigan and the entire legislature for their tireless efforts in working to resolve the difficult issue of Medicaid expansion,” said Andrew Croshaw, Chair of the Salt Lake Chamber Health Reform Task Force. “The business community looks forward to playing an active role in finding a Utah specific solution for this complex issue in the next several months.”

The Legislature made history with legislation that protects our citizens and ensures religious liberties. “The best of Utah has been demonstrated on the issue of nondiscrimination and religious freedom,” said Lane Beattie, President and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “Because of law that protects against employment and housing discrimination, while guaranteeing protections for religious liberty, Utah is now a more welcoming place for all employees.”

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