Americans Don’t Have a Favorable Opinion of Either Party

Americans do not have a favorable view of either major political party according to a new survey.

The Gallup poll puts the favorable rating of the Republican Party at 37% while Democrats sit at 39%.

The favorable rating for the Republicans has dipped five points since November's midterm elections when the party grabbed control of both houses of Congress. In that same timeframe, the favorability of the Democratic Party has climbed by three points. That seems like good news, but the three-point rise is just enough to bring the party up from the record-low of 36% recorded after November's elections.

For some time, numerous Gallup trends have been showing Americans largely displeased with government's performance and leadership. Through it all, at least one political party was reviewed well, but now — perhaps because of the constant brinksmanship going on between Obama and the Republican Congress, but maybe for other reasons — both parties are floundering.