National Headlines 3-18-15

In states with the first 2016 primaries, Democrats ask: Where’s Hillary? (Washington Post)

Bibi bounces back (Politico)

Cheney: Obama and Holder are ‘playing the race card’ against critics (The Hill)

House passes bill to overhaul EPA Scientific Advisory Board (The Hill)

US Lawmakers Grill Secret Service Chief Over Misconduct (VOA News)

Aaron Schock resignation: Did ‘Downton Abbey’ tastes do him in? (Christian Science Monitor)

Wasserman Schultz opts against Senate run (JTA News)

The GOP’s Budget Test (Wall Street Journal)

Jeb Bush Rejects Idea of Raising Federal Minimum Wage (Associated Press)

Rand Paul to announce presidential campaign April 7 (USA Today)

France, Germany and Italy Say They’ll Join China-Led Bank in Rebuff to US (New York Times)