Group Pushes for Third-Party Inclusion in Presidential Debates

A group of prominent politicians are pushing to make it easier for third-party candidates to get into the presidential debates.

Right now, a minor party candidate has to get 15-percent in pre-debate polling in order get a spot in the debates. The group wants the Commission on Presidential Debates to invite one candidate to the event if they can show they're ballot-eligible in enough states to possibly win a majority of electoral votes.

From Bloomberg:

“We believe that the competition under such a rule would be vigorous, enabling, and a legitimate third candidate would emerge,” the group said, adding that it would “open up the political process and fundamentally improve the way we pick our President and Vice President.”

The group pushing for the change includes former Senator Joe Lieberman, former Senator Bob Kerry and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

The last independent to participate in a presidential debate was Ross Perot in 1992.

Letter From Change The Rule to Commission on Presidential Debates by Change The Rule