Governor Signs Prison Development Bill, Enhancements to Benefits for Fallen Police, Firefighters

Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed 56 bills into law today bringing the total number of bills signed from the 2015 General Legislative Session to 200. The Legislature passed 528 bills this session, 495 of which require action by the governor.

Among the bills signed by the governor today is HB 454, Prison Development Amendments. This bill establishes the process to finalize the location of the new state penitentiary and enacts a local option sales and use tax for a city or town where the prison will be located. No site has been chosen for the site of the new prison at this time.

“The state prison facility in Draper is outdated and needs to be replaced,” said Gov. Herbert. “The construction of a new prison–regardless of where it is located–provides us with a tremendous opportunity to build a facility that will help us reduce recidivism while enhancing public safety.”

The bill also ensures both the legislative and executive branches will play a role in the final decision. Once the Prison Relocation Commission makes a recommendation, the full Legislature will vote on the recommendation. The governor will then have the opportunity to review the bill and sign or veto it.

The governor also signed HB 288, Line-of-duty Death Benefits for Peace Officers and Firefighters. This bill clarifies and enhances the amount of money paid to the surviving spouses of police and firefighters killed in the line of duty, as well as allowing their health coverage to continue.

“When police officers and firefighters are lost in the line of duty, we owe them more than just a debt of gratitude,” said Gov. Herbert. “I am pleased to see such strong support for their family members who have paid such a heavy price.”

The full list of bills signed by the governor today is as follows:

Bill Number

Bill Name

Bill Sponsor

HB 36

Veterans Definition

Ray, P.

HB 39

Emergency Placement of Children

Anderson, J.

HB 65

Workforce Services Amendments

Edwards, R.

HB 80

Transportation Project Amendments

Snow, L.

HB 141

Insurance Related Inducements

Knotwell, J.

HB 160

Drive-through Service Usage Amendments

Anderson, J.

HB 184

Victim Restitution Amendments

Wilson, B.

HB 193

Continuing Education for General Contractor Licensing

Gibson, F.

HB 198

Strengthening College and Career Readiness

Arent, P.

HB 213

Safe Technology Utilization and Digital Citizenship in Public Schools

Stratton, K.

HB 214

Misrepresentation of Telephone and Text Identification

Lifferth, D.

HB 217

Uniformed Services Amendments

Ray, P.

HB 228

Appellate Bond Amendments

Sagers, D.

HB 229

Air Quality Modification

Edwards, R.

HB 239

Human Resource Management Market Research Amendments

Hutchings, E.

HB 242

State and Local Government Employee Policies

Miller, J.

HB 245

Incorporation Process for Cities and Towns

Brown, M.

HB 246

Amendments to Fire Code

Kennedy, M.

HB 249

Rights of Children Conceived Through Artificial Insemination

Pritcher, D.

HB 252

Human Trafficking Amendments

King, B.

HB 254

Livestock Branding Amendments

Noel, M.

HB 256

Revenue Review for Certain Funds

Eliason, S.

HB 259

Amendments to Powers and Duties of State Parks

Powell, K.

HB 273

Interest Rate Swap Amendments

Knotwell, J.

HB 284

Minor Alcohol or Drug Related Offenses and Driving Privileges

Redd, E.

HB 288

Line-of-duty Death Benefits for Peace Officers and Firefighters

Ray, P.

HB 292

Emergency Medical Service Providers Amendments

McCay, D.

HB 299

Attorney Lien Amendments

Hawkes, T.

HB 310

Vintage Motorcycle Amendments

Peterson, J.

HB 311

Private Investigator and Bail Recovery Licensure Amendment

Oda, C.

HB 314

Money Management Act Amendments

Cunningham, R.

HB 317

Destruction of Livestock

Nelson, M.

HB 321

Vote by Mail Revisions

Westwood, J.

HB 338

Resolving Government Record Disputes

Chavez-Houck, R.

HB 341

Constitutional Debt

Knotwell, J.

HB 347

Retirement Window Amendments

Cunningham, R.

HB 349

School and Institutional Trust Lands Budget Amendments

Brown, M.

HB 361

Investigation Protocols for Peace Officer Use of Force

Roberts, M.

HB 379

Underground Storage Tank Amendments

Eliason, S.

HB 390

Local Health Department Emergency Funding

Ray, P.

HB 410

State and Local Energy Efficiency Programs

Draxler, J.

HB 454

Prison Development Amendments

Wilson, B.


Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the Settlement of Clarion, Utah

Cox, J.


Concurrent Resolution on Carbon Sequestration on Rangelands

Noel, M.

SB 10

Compact for Interstate Sharing of Putative Father Registry Information

Escamilla, L.

SB 16

Certificate of Stillbirth Amendments

Vickers, E.

SB 22

Fire Code Amendments

Bramble, C.

SB 26

Occupational Therapy Practice Act Reauthorization

Harper, W.

SB 27

Health Facility Administrator Act Reauthorization

Mayne, K.

SB 31

Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Amendments

Weiler, T.

SB 42

General Assistance Program Changes

Escamilla, L.

SB 47

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Christensen, A.

SB 54

Credit Monitoring for Minors

Osmond, A.

SB 68

Eminent Domain Amendments

Hillyard, L.

SB 73

Office of State Debt Collection Amendments

Hillyard, L.

SB 101

Adoption Amendments

Weiler, T.