National Headlines 4-12-15

Castro absolves Obama of fault for U.S.’ ‘imperialist aggression’ (FOX News)

Hillary Clinton’s goal: Keep Bill Clinton happy, involved (Politico)

Obamacare’s first tax season (Politico)

Hillary Clinton’s slow walk to ‘yes’ (Politico)

Menendez: Obama’s Cuba, Iran moves ‘misguided’ (The Hill)

Clinton focuses on early years in rollout (The Hill)

Dem senator: Iran nuke framework has ‘no real specificity’ (The Hill)

GOP rivals take aim at Clinton (CNN)

Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid (New York Times)

Embattled Menendez says he will be ‘vindicated’ by facts (Associated Press)

Republican presidential hopefuls head to New Hampshire (Associated Press)