Matheson Took In No Donations in the First Quarter of 2015

It's looking more and more like former Utah Rep. Jim Matheson is going to sit out the 2016 election cycle, at least on the federal level.

Matheson's latest FEC report shows no contributions to him during the first quarter of this year, leaving him with $435,532 in cash on hand. That may be a sizeable war chest, especially with the election more than a year away. But, in today's climate, taking even a quarter off from fundraising can be fatal electorally.

Matheson's inactivity is further highlighted by the fact that Sen. Mike Lee pulled in nearly than $750,000 in donations during the last quarter, leaving him with $762,744 in cash on hand.

  Beginning cash on hand Contributions Disbursements Ending cash on hand
Jim Matheson (D) $455,659 $0 $2,127 $453,532
Mike Lee (R) $367,264 $738,136 $342,656 $762,744

Our recent poll found Matheson might give Lee a tough fight in a potential 2016 matchup, with Lee getting the upper hand.

The last time Utah sent a Democrat to the U.S. Senate was Frank Moss in 1970.