National Headlines 4-22-15

Hillary Clinton Can’t Run for President (Politico)

Democrats’ trade spat becomes a full-on brawl (Politico)

After Getting Called Out, Elizabeth Warren Accuses Obama Of Deliberately Hiding Trade Details (Huffington Post)

Senate Republicans seek to preserve NSA power to collect phone data (Los Angeles Times)

GOP bill would block courts on gay marriage (The Hill)

Senate approves anti-trafficking bill, clearing way for Lynch vote (USA Today)

UVA dean denounces Rolling Stone gang-rape story, reacting publicly for the first time (New York Daily News)

Clinton Walking Fine Line on Pacific Trade Deal (Wall Street Journal)

U.S. House passes cyber-threat information bill (Reuters)

Carly Fiorina Is Running For President Even Though There’s Already A Woman In The Race (Daily Caller)

Raisin farmers appear poised to win challenge of New Deal-era program (Washington Post)