Utah Punches Above Its Weight In Congress

Though Utah is the 34th most populous state, it ranks 20th in congressional power, according to Roll Call’s latest “Clout Index.”

Notes David Hawkings:

Mississippi checks in at No. 18 on the clout roster, despite being No. 31 on the population roster, principally because its two senators have a combined 62 years of congressional experience as majority Republicans and one of them, Thad Cochran, has returned after his 2014 near-political-death experience to be chairman of both Senate Appropriations and its Defense Subcommittee.

Utah is 20th in congressional clout, though 34th in population, because its modest six-member lawmaking group is all Republican and is headlined by a trio of committee chairmen: Orrin G. Hatch at Senate Finance, Rob Bishop at House Natural Resources and Jason Chaffetzat House Oversight.

In contrast, seven midsize or small states have spots on the Roll Call Clout Index either identical to, or only a single slot away from, their rank by population: Minnesota, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nevada, Rhode Island, Montana and North Dakota.