Utah.gov Redesign Eliminates Barriers to Government Online

A new study released today shows Utahns feel the state's official website, Utah.gov, is a valuable resource. 

The study’s release coincides with the unveiling of a new design for Utah.gov, which will make the site even more user-friendly.  

“Government should always look for the best ways to serve the people and today that means providing services and information online,” said Gov. Gary R. Herbert. “Utah.gov has received high praise for its services and accessibility, and we are committed to building upon that success.”

A new statewide survey, conducted by the University of Utah Center for Public Policy and Administration, indicates 75 percent of responders used Utah.gov in the past year. Of those who used the website, 87 percent found the services valuable. In addition, eighty five percent of Utahns indicate that access to state services via the website saves them time when conducting transactions and retrieving information as opposed to other methods. The full report can be found here.

A site redesign is based on a greater understanding of the Utah.gov visitor’s needs to create a more localized and personalized experience for users. The site now has more than 7,000 custom searchable items and links that are intelligently classified, tagged, and many are geo-tagged, to help citizens find the exact service they are looking for. To view the redesign visit http://utah.gov.