Bob Bernick’s Notebook: Utah Stays Off the Crazy Train for Once

I know we at UtahPolicy like to give both Utah GOP and Democratic party leaders and officeholders a hard time.

It comes with the job.

So on the random occasions when our local and state politicians are NOT doing something crazy, let’s be fair and congratulate them for it.

Maybe I’m a bit early in my observation on this subject – will still have months to go before this event is over – but I say a big thank you to our GOP Utah leaders for NOT being really nuts like their Texas counterparts and talking about a federal conspiracy to “invade” or “take over” parts of Utah.

You’ve seen the national news on this.

Some Texas Republicans (and rightwing conspirators) are concerned that federal military exercises planed in Texas and southern Utah are not military exercises at all but are really operations to take over – federalize – those parts of the country.

The Texas governor has even called out some National Guard units to “observe” the federal military movements, just to ensure that the feds aren’t really trying to take over Texas.

Now, at first one laughs at such silliness.

And then we shake our heads and say Texas Republicans are just nuts – good for chuckles and little else.

But let’s also be thankful that our own aluminum-hat Utahns appear not to be calling for arms and blocking Southern Utah dirt roads ready to fight.

I mean, even Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, has stayed on the reservation on this one.

(I kid Noel, who actually is a pretty nice guy.)

But then, maybe Noel knows something the rest of us don’t.

Maybe Noel is really a space alien (I mean, doesn’t he have kind of a conehead?).

Maybe. . . 

OK! Stop me!

I was kind of getting carried away by this whole Texas/Chinese/Walmart conspiracy thing.

Whew. It’s easy to be weird for a moment.

Anyway, thank you (as Jimmy Fallon may write on a Friday night) Utah Republicans for not being as nutty as your Texas colleagues.

When you don’t do something really crazy, it should be recognized by those of us who love to point out when you do.