Karl Rove Says It’s Time for the GOP to Give Up the Fight Over Obamacare

Karl Rove says Republicans could be in big political trouble if they don't have a fallback plan in case the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare.

Rove writes in the Wall Street Journal that should the Supreme Court rules that the Obamacare subsidies are unconstitutional, millions of Americans will suddenly be without health insurance. That could be a potent political issue for Democrats.


President Barack Obama will then accuse conservative justices of overreaching and demand that the GOP Congress immediately extend subsidies to every state. His message will be politically potent, as it will turn the words of Republicans in 2013 back on them: “If you like your plan,” Republicans said, “you should be able to keep your plan.” Hillary Clinton will join in depicting Republicans as heartless brutes who would let people die for lack of health insurance rather than fix Mr. Obama’s law. 

Rove says, instead of doing victory laps, Republicans should take the lead on finding a solution if that happens.

The answers must come from congressional Republicans. The effort could be stopped by a few legislators making the perfect the enemy of the good. Nor can Republicans rely on leadership from their presidential hopefuls, who are more focused on their quests than on advancing policy solutions.