USTAR Partners Release Annual Reports Detailing Achievements

The University of Utah has a rich ecosystem driving innovation in many forms. Faculty, students and community members all play a role in the diverse landscape.


The Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative is proud to be one of the community partners helping to drive the innovation community at the U of U. With innovative researchers imbedded in several university departments, USTAR is dedicated to developing new technologies while helping promote the bigger story of development and discovery.

Two of USTAR’s U of U partners have recently released their annual reports detailing the progress being made at the university.

The first report is from the Innovation, Commercialization & Entrepreneurship office ( “Innovate” features success stories and outlines the collaborative nature of the university ecosystem. Several USTAR stories feature in the report, including Vaporsens, a University of Utah spinout company. Vaporsens offers a new device for the detection of explosives and narcotics and has been developed by USTAR researcher Ling Zang and has been funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security. Visit to read the report.

The second report comes from the U of U’s Technology & Venture Commercialization (TVC) office. The report is a review of the university’s technology commercialization accomplishments over the past year, including important annual commercialization statistics, articles on innovative faculty members, profiles of some of promising startups and a summary of partnering and outreach achievements. Again, several of the stories include projects with USTAR ties again proving that the collaborative spirit helps lead commercialization efforts. Visit to read the TVC Annual Report.

“The University of Utah’s commitment to research, innovation and entrepreneurship creates a vibrant, challenging and exciting environment for our students and faculty,” said University President David Pershing. “We intend to ensure that the U will always be a place where ideas can take root, grow — and perhaps change the world.”

Innovate. Report:
TVC Annual Report: