Mike Lee’s New Book Seeks to Restore Constitutional Rule of Law

At The American Spectator, Ross Kaminsky posts an in-depth review of Sen. Mike Lee’s newly-published book, Our Lost Constitution, calling it required reading “for any American who cares about good government, freedom, and leaving a worthwhile country for our children.”

Writes Kaminsky:

Too few Americans — including far too few politicians — understand (or behave as if they understand) that the Constitution is the very reason that our government is, or should be, good — by which I mean living up to its most fundamental and profound explicit purpose to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

The best way to ensure fidelity to this highest political promise is to heed Senator Mike Lee’s alarm, to learn the lessons of Our Lost Constitution regarding what happens when the Constitution is lost through “willful subversion” by self-serving power-hungry politicians and apathetic or misinformed citizens.

When today’s adult Americans look back on our legacy and the country we’re leaving for our children and grandchildren, the most important question won’t be whether we’ve left them a good economy or even a good environment. It will be whether we left them as free people.

It is a challenge that Senator Lee takes seriously and personally, which is why Our Lost Constitution is such an important, captivating, and worthwhile read.