Utah Breakfast Club Tackles Medicaid Expansion

In a Thursday lunchtime event, top Utah officials join the Utah Breakfast Club to discuss Medicaid expansion.

"Designing a Medicaid Expansion That is Fiscally Responsible" is the topic of discussion. Panelists include:

  • House Majority Leader Rep. Jim Dunnigan
  • Nate Checketts, Deputy Director, Utah's Medicaid Program
  • RyLee Curtis, Senior Policy Analyst, Utah Health Policy Project
  • Josh Daniels, Policy Assistant, Libertas Institute
  • Laura Summers, Director of State Intelligence, Leavitt Partners

The discussion will be moderated by Drew Clark, Counsel at Kirton McConkie.

The event, "Designing a Medicaid Expansion That is Fiscally Responsible," is the regularly-scheduled May event of the Utah Breakfast Club, a monthly business and policy-oriented discussion forum aimed at crafting solutions for Utah problems.

"The diversity and significance of panelists for our May 14 luncheon event demonstrate the timeliness and relevance that we aim to achieve at our monthly forum," said Drew Clark, Of Counsel at Kirton McConkie and Founder of the Utah Breakfast Club. "If you care about the issue of Medicaid Expansion, come to our May 14 luncheon and be a part of the conversation."

Registration for the event — which includes a boxed lunch — is $15, plus a fee, for Utah Breakfast Club members. (That's a 40% discount!) There is currently no charge to become a member of the Utah Breakfast Club. The regular registration price is $25, plus a fee. For those unable to make the event, a FREE Webcast will be available at UtahBreakfast.com.