Local Headlines 5-18-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Schools superintendent is a careful creation of the right wing

Op-ed: Here’s why I voted against Healthy Utah and likely will again

Op-ed: LDS Church influence drives mistreatment of wine sellers and consumers

Op-ed: Utah fails to track, disclose police officers’ discipline records

Op-ed: DABC management is inadequate all around

Editorial: If not a prison, what should Draper site be?

Editorial: Homeless services need serious reform

Mitt Romney knocks down Evander Holyfield during charity boxing match

Not for the birds: Wastewater threatens Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake County Council draws some flexible boundaries

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Count My Vote compromise seems to provoke contradicting reactions

Op-ed: Credibility gap exists between supporters, opposers of Healthy Utah

John Florez: Looking at Utah’s prison relocation efforts by revisiting my grade-school civics lessons

Natalie Gochnour: Utah is a model of constructive Republicanism

Drew Clark: Utah Ignite exists to find new light bulbs for the Internet age

Op-ed: I-Squared Act good for tech companies, Utah economy

Editorial: Utah to begin mandating some meningitis vaccinations, but more is needed

Editorial: Teacher evaluations a welcome move to enhance consistency in how educations are rated and rewarded

‘Are we prepared?’ Utah projected to gain 50,000 college students in 10 years

Salt Lake City residents to decide fate of future parks

Prison relocation officials stress remoteness of proposed sites

Utah’s air pollution problem: What does the future look like?


Op-ed: Punitive taxes hurt business relying on aviation services (Daily Herald)

Connor Boyack: Ignore the Federal government (Daily Herald)

Mike Lee: Commending Utah’s academy nominees from Utah County (Daily Herald)

Council mulls RAP tax options for Provo (Daily Herald)

Public to get detail about five possible Utah State Prison relocation sites (Daily Herald)

Gov. Gary Herbert visits Lincoln Elementary to celebrate academic achievement (Logan Herald Journal)