Engelman & McDonald Win Dem Party Awards

The Utah Democratic Party will honor two activists at the annual Taylor & Mayne Dinner, scheduled for Friday, June 12, at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City.

Party Chair Peter Corroon announced the two winners:

Dorothy Engelman, winner of the Todd Taylor Award for 2015,is a fierce advocate on behalf of Utah Democrats; one who never seems to tire of paying it forward. She was elected as Chair of the Washington County Democratic Party in 2011 and stepped down in 2014 only because she decided to give back by running for office herself. Dorothy currently serves as a member of our state party Executive Committee. We are lucky to have such a talented, enthusiastic, committed activist among our ranks.

Mike McDonald, winner of the Ed Mayne Award for 2015, has been the Chairman of the Intermountain Iron Workers Trust Fund since 1985,where he has been at the forefront of helping Union members and their families earn living wages, meet high safety standards, and have access to quality healthcare. From coordinating phone banks and sign-making, to literature distribution, fundraising, and serving as a state delegate, Mike is the epitome of a dedicated Democratic activist.

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