National Headlines 5-31-15

GOP senators tear into Paul (Politico)

Paul: Colleagues hoping for an attack to blame on him (The Hill)

Dems in pressure cooker on trade (The Hill)

Senate takes up House bill but fails to avoid spying lapse (Associated Press)

Senate lets NSA spy program lapse, at least for now (Reuters)

Deep GOP divide on security both boosts and limits Rand Paul (Los Angeles Times)

Five things to know about Lindsey Graham (CBS News)

Fiorina defends spot in 2016 race, says it’s time to ‘take the fight’ to Clinton (FOX News)

Dennis Hastert’s alma mater removes name from public policy center (USA Today)

Juan Williams: Supreme Court risks healthcare chaos (The Hill)

Michael Barone: Hillary faces key demographic tests (Omaha World-Herald)