Americans for Prosperity Utah Launches ‘Thank You’ Mail Campaign

Americans for Prosperity Utah, the state’s newest organization of free-market advocates, today announced the launch of a new mail campaign thanking legislators for their opposition to the Medicaid expansion plan known as "Healthy Utah."

The chapter will be sending new mail pieces in the districts of House Business and Labor committee members: Representatives Jake Anderegg, John Knotwell, Jon Stanard, Val Peterson, Jim Dunnigan, Jon Cox, Mike Schultz, Brad Wilson, Marc Roberts, Speaker of the House Greg Hughes and Majority Whip Francis Gibson thanking them for their efforts to protect Utah from the budget issues that would occur as a result of expanding Medicaid under Obamacare.

Americans for Prosperity Utah State Director Evelyn Everton released the following statement:

“We launched Americans for Prosperity with the goal of safeguarding Utah as a place where free-markets and limited government can flourish. What better way to start than by thanking legislators for their important work in protecting Utah from more Obamacare?” Everton said.

“The reality is that Medicaid Expansion, no matter what form it takes, is a risky proposal based on fuzzy math, shaky promises, and a false hope that Congress will hold up their end of the deal. The plan would waste up to $328 million taxpayer dollars and, if Congress backs out, would force tax increases on the hard-working people of Utah. The legislators who stood to fight Obamacare expansion deserve a big thank you."

A sample of the mailer can be viewed here.