National Headlines 6-1-15

What’s actually in Obama’s secret trade deal? (Politico)

Insurers eye ObamaCare hikes (The Hill)

Republicans seek to win over black voters once Obama’s gone (The Hill)

What Beau Biden represented in American politics (Christian Science Monitor)

Republicans torch Rand Paul over surveillance lapse (CBS News)

How suspected ex-Nazis reaped $20 million in Social Security benefits (Christian Science Monitor)

5 faith facts about Sen. Lindsey Graham: religious right spear carrier (Washington Post)

Hillary Picks Her ‘Kickoff’ Spot (NBC News)

Millennials Get Their Political News From Facebook – But Not on Purpose (NBC News)

Supreme Court Sides With Immigrant Caught With Pills In His Sock (NPR)

Black drivers in Ferguson far more likely to be stopped than whites, report finds (Los Angeles Times)