New Group Hopes to Attract Urban Voters to the GOP

There’s a new super PAC that hopes to get voters in urban areas to punch their ballots for Republican candidates.

The Center for Public Integrity says the new group, called Urban Prosperity, is headed up by Robert Fortes, a former candidate for Boston City Council. According to blog posts by Fortes, he sees urban voters as a massive untapped resource for the GOP.

“We can no[t] keep losing the urban vote,” he wrote in one post in December. “The GOP needs to look at cities the same way the wildcatters looked at empty fields in Texas, there’s oil under the ground and if we can drill it out we will prosper.”

That’s no easy task: Presidential election exit polls showed that President Barack Obama dominated Republican Mitt Romney in urban areas, winning about 69 percent of the vote in big cities and about 58 percent of the vote in mid-sized cities.

The new group will be able to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money.