Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker Discusses Re-Election Campaign, Sexual Harassment Suit Against Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker sits down with Managing Editor Bryan Schott to discuss his quest for a third term in office.

He touts the economic and social accomplishments made by his administration over the past 8 years. 

However, one issue threatening to overshadow the campaign is a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by three female police officers against the city. The claims of sexual harassment were upheld by an independent investigation, and the perpetrator, a deputy police chief, was placed on paid administrative leave. He later retired after reaching the 20-year service mark, making him eligible for benefits.

Becker says the situation is an unfortunate one. 

"I personally would not have handled the situation the way it was handled," says Becker. "I can tell you the Mayor's office worked very closely with the police chief and made our views known but, ultimately, that employee worked for the police chief. It is his responsibility to take the actions he feels are appropriate."

Watch the whole interview below.